Dogology® Positive Dog Training Solutions - Introduction

Positive Pet Dog Training with Dogology®

Dogologyâ is a unique, professional Dog Training & Behavioural Service, specialising in In-home training sessions, giving you and your dog optimum attention without the distractions of other dogs and handlers.  Each session is a structured learning experience for you and your dog.  You receive detailed notes, free training treats, a free clicker, and free membership to the Dogologyâ   group*!  *Must already have e-mail account.



Dogologyâ  uses positive and fun training methods to teach your pet dog all sorts of things, from Puppy Training, Loose Lead Walking, and dealing with all kinds of behavioural issues.  Dogologyâ  can customise a training program especially for your dog!  We train using operant conditioning principles.  This type of training will help form a lifelong bond with your pet!

Dogologyâ  has the following programs:

 Private Puppy Training

 Street wise Program

Park life Program


Behavioural Problems

Reactive Dog Management Program

First Time Dog Owner

Your New Rescued Dog

Prepare Dog for your new Baby

Motion Sickness Rehabilitation


Social Behaviour/Temperament Assessments


Short Presentations, Workshops & Demonstrations


** Dogologyâ Gift Certificates are available!  Please contact us to arrange the perfect gift for your Canine companion and their human!


** Dogologyâ  is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia.

** Dogologyâ  uses and recommends Love'em Liver treats


** Dogologyâ  is dedicated to the memory of BROK, the dog who changed my life. 12th APRIL 2014 marks 20 Years since BROK was born.  Read his story in the links section.

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