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My Dogs


Born on the 2nd February 2003, Zeta is a purebred red Australian Cattle Dog.

She made her public debut in Canine Musical Freestyle at the 2004 Sydney Easter Show at just 1 year of age! She also performed at various Pet Expo’s. Zeta participates in Sheep Herding, Agility and Canine Musical Freestyle. Zeta & Janene featured on the American MDSA 2007 & 2008 calenders. Zeta has featured in two advertisements.

Zeta loves LURE COURSING!  See the photo, above right.

Zeta has attained her Pre Trial Title in Sheep Herding, and will hopefully gain her Herding Started A title in 2012!

Zeta has titles in ADAC agility - Novice Jumpers Certificate, Novice Agility Certificate, Open Jumpers Certificate and Open Agility Certificate.  Zeta now competes in veterens level.


Reading the Sunday paper in mid June 2009, I came across the Pet Rescue page, and noticed a young cattle dog puppy. Curious about where the puppy was from, I went to the pet rescue website, and was then directed to the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue web page. With a 7 yr old cattle dog already (Zeta), a long-term foster dog (Zarq) and an emergency foster dog (Rowdy), I had no intention of getting another dog – we were full! Browsing through their web pages, I saw him. I instantly knew he was mine. "Un-named" was a young male cattle dog cross. My heart stopped for a moment. I e-mailed the contact immediately to organise a visit to meet him. The next week, my husband and I, along with Zeta & Zarq, went to the shelter. He was a very quiet and shy boy, who had been abandoned at a very young age – he could not have been more than 10 –12 months old. I noticed how he interacted with his carer, who had come to love him very much. I knew he would love me too, when he got to know me. My dogs were introduced to him, and they all got on tremendously well. We visited him for two hours every week for the next three weeks, as I could not bring him home until the emergency foster dog’s situation was resolved. Finally, in mid July we brought him home. I named him ZIRCON, as he is a special and precious dog. He was very friendly, but was wary of strangers and sudden movement, particularly if one moved one’s hands suddenly, or when I was sitting on the lounge and I moved my feet or legs, he would jump and run off. It was apparent that he must have been hit and kicked at some time in his very early life – how sad. Over time, I helped him to build up his confidence and trust in me, and other kind people. When thinking about when to celebrate his birthday, September 15th kept coming to mind. And so we celebrated his 1st birthday with cuddles, play and raw meaty bones to chew.

Zircon is an absolute joy to own, and his playful antics are hilarious, whether playing by himself with a favourite toy, or playing with my other dogs. He has since gone on to earn two passes in Jumping competitions, has started trialing in Obedience, and has also started working with sheep – he is a natural!

His favourite thing to do though, is to climb into my lap for cuddles – he is a very affectionate dog, so sweet and gentle. How anyone could have been cruel to him I cannot understand. Every one who meets Zircon falls in love with him instantly – he always has a big grin on his face! I cannot imagine my life without him. He has enriched my life so much. People say he is a lucky dog to find a forever home with me, but I say I am the lucky one, to have him in my home! Zircon is now 2 ½ years old, and we will spend many more very happy years together, doing all the things he enjoys – going for long walks, splashing and swimming in the dam, participating in jumping, agility, herding, obedience, rally-O and lure coursing, playing fetch and anything else we can think of! (March 2011)


During 2011, I started to compete with Zircon.  He achieved the following titles:

Novice Jumping Certificate, Novice Gamblers Certificate (ADAC), Herding Instinct Certificate, Herding Tested (ANKC), Community Companion Dog (ANKC).  He turned 3 on September 15th 2011.

2012 is also off to a great start - Zircon gaind his first Novice Jumping Qualification and came 3rd at the Dogs NSW Agility Fundraiser on 7th January 2012.