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Here’s what some Dogology® clients have to say about their experience with us!


 Renee of Ashfield had two naughty puppies, Hercules and Leonardis, so had Private Puppy training. "Janene made it easy to understand why our puppies were ‘misbehaving’, and how best to deal with it. Thank you for teaching us and our puppies to live together in peace and harmony!"

Andrew of Redfern used our Puppy Management sessions with Bodi, his 4-month-old Silky cross. "I wanted to stop bad behaviour while he is still young. These sessions allowed us to put systems and behaviours (like separating dogs, not reinforcing bad behaviour) into place that mean that he can't misbehave."

Vanessa with Oak, a 15 month old Am Staff in Bondi, needed help with leadership. "I wanted to try and have Oak understand that I am the leader, so that we can understand each other. My aims for him exceeded expectations, and we now have mutual respect for one another!"

Polly & Nick of Tempe with Willow, a 12 week old Weimaraner, wanted to do the right thing with their new puppy, and achieve obedience through life. Polly writes: "I now have learnt about mutual respect, and have more knowledge and understanding of why puppies do things."

Samantha of Queens Park had some concerns with Sonny, her six-month-old Labrador. "He sometimes comes when called, but not always, he is very friendly but gets very excited and has lot’s of energy. He just does not obey. He won’t listen to me. I was not able to put Sonny into puppy school when he was younger. I felt he needed basic training, as his behaviour was often inappropriate. The sessions have worked well for Sonny and I. Janene is unlike any animal person I have met. She is like a Dog Whisperer. Thank you!" 


"On a sunny afternoon, two weeks after Frankie's ( my female, apricot fawn pug) final vaccination, we excitedly crossed the road to the park. Shortly after I had let Frankie off the leash, we were greeted by two larger dogs. Frankie allowed herself to be sniffed, however was a bit unsure of the larger dogs as the play began to become a little involved. Frankie started to try and walk away. It was at this stage that the owners of the other dogs started to call their dogs back, one dog aborted the chase to go back to it's owner however the other younger dog started to chase Frankie. All of a sudden Frankie was hurtling down a small slope towards the highway, terrified of the dog chasing her and trying to escape. Everyone watching were in disbelief. I didn't want to chase after her as I thought it might encourage her to keep running onto the busy road, so I yelled at the top of my voice "Frankie, COME!" One meter before the road, she turned her head and I yelled COME again and to my relief, she turned around and came running back to me. I was so frightened at what could have happened I couldn't believe it. I was also extremely thankful that our training at Baby Puppy Classes had paid off.
Keep the training up, it can save your dogs life.
Kind Regards
Louisa and Frankie. X"



Nicole of Mascot needed help with Honey and Milo, her Labradors. "They jump up on everyone, pull on the lead, and bark at people and dogs passing by our home". After completing a Customised Behaviour Management Program, Nicole says: "The dogs are more settled and responsive to me. I loved how enthusiastic and motivated Janene was in training my dogs, it was very inspiring!"

Linda & Merv in Bellevue Hill were having problems with Benny, their seven month old Cavoodle. He was resource guarding his raw meaty bones, and growling and biting when approached to take the bone away. With management guidelines put into practice, and teaching the dog that relinquishing items was to his advantage, the problem was over come in three sessions!

Phebe of Kingsford was having difficulty with Buddy, her two and a half-year-old Labrador cross Doberman. "He always pulled on lead, displayed lack of attention to me when other dogs were around, and jumped up on everyone when greeting them. These sessions assisted Buddy in being more settled, walking much better on the lead and much more attentive to me. He now sits nicely when greeting people."

Anna in Randwick needed some help with family pet Bobo, her 8 month old Labrador cross Kelpie. "Bobo jumps up on people and at the back door, he pulls on the lead, does not always obey commands and play bites us. We needed to learn how to handle our new dog and feel confident and relaxed with him. During the course of sessions, he stopped jumping up and biting, he responds to our commands, and we now feel more confident with Bobo."

Stewart and Lucy in Randwick had a biting problem with Gracie, a one-year-old Labrador. "She tries to bite us when we pat her. We are very pleased with the sessions and with Gracie’s progress. The one on one contact and individual attention and education has empowered us."