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Our Services:

Dogology is available for short workshops/seminars/demonstrations.  Contact us now to find out more!

Social Behaviour/Temperament Assessments also available!


Dogology All Private Training Sessions are conducted in your home - we come to you!


NEW PROGRAMS:   At Dogology, we are constantly developing new programs to meet your needs. We now offer: * FIRST TIME DOG OWNER PROGRAM, * YOUR NEW RESCUE DOG,  * PREPARE YOUR DOG FOR YOUR NEW BABY  *  MOTION SICKNESS REHABILITATION  *

Contact us now to find out more!

The following three programs consist of 6, half hour sessions, each one week apart:

STREET WISE PROGRAM - is for the dog that has completed a Puppy Pre-school or Private Puppy Management course, or Behavioural Modification  training, and we concentrate on the basics you need for walking the dog in the street, on a loose leash.  We also teach how to meet and greet other people and dogs in a safe and controlled way!  The walk will be enjoyabale for both ends of the leash!  You receive a training treat pouch, detailed hand-outs and training treats! 

PARK LIFE PROGRAM - is for dogs that have completed the Street Wise Program.  We teach more advanced  skills, building on those previously learnt for every day situations, such as walking in the park. We introduce some off-leash training.  You also receive a long light line and training treats!

COMPETITION STANDARD OBEDIENCE for dogs that have completed the above course and would like to try the competitive side of life!  Encouragement, Novice and Open levels only.

Private sessions are available by appointment only.


This is for puppies aged from eight weeks to eighteen months, and is highly recomended for the first time dog owner!  Management issues covered are House toilet training, Attention, Leadership, Bite Inhibition, Socialisation, Handling and Grooming, Diet and Exercise. Basic training in Sit, Down, Stand, Come, Walking on Leash, Wait and Stay.  We also teach your puppy a self imposed state of calm! 

Each session runs for one hour, and the duration of the course is four weeks, each session being one week apart

Private sessions are available by appointment only, and are conducted in your home.

PREPARE your DOG for your NEW BABY

Are you expecting a Baby? Do you already have a much loved dog (or two?)  Do you want to learn how to prepare your dog for the new addition?  Then this is the program for you!   Learn how to: prepare your dog(s) for your new baby; accustom your dog to the numerous baby and toy sounds – CD included with program; adjust your routine and household to keep your dog calm; understand your dogs behaviour and body language; learn the steps of introducing your baby and pet for the first time; and more!  The program consists of four sessions, (1 x 1.5 hrs., 3 x 1 hr.)each one week apart, and includes a professional Cd of baby and toy sounds!  You will also receive detailed notes, and we customise a workable routine for you.




Some dogs appear to be reactive to stimuli that other dogs don’t glance twice at. For the owner of a reactive dog, the sheer pleasure of going for a walk, or joining in dog club activities can turn into a traumatic experience for both ends of the lead. The reactive dog is not necessarily an aggressive dog, though inexperienced people may label it as such. It will certainly display a dislike of having its space invaded by rude or over zealous dogs! Stress, anxiety, excitement and anticipation can all cause a dog to be reactive. Some dogs may be reactive due to genetics, others due the environment or a traumatic incident that has occurred to them at some time. Can we help these dogs and their owners? Yes we can!This program includes your six private in-home sessions, hand out notes, training treats and support.

Customised Behavioural Modification Sessions

Some dogs display behaviours that we as owners, do not always appreciate! So if your dog has any of the following misplaced behaviours, you need an individual consultation. Your dog may even display something completely different!  This is a personal one to one in-house session, for a one-person/one dog team, giving you and your dog 100% attention to your needs.

Comprised of one, one and a half hour session and three one-hour sessions, each session is one week apart.

Private sessions are available by appointment only.


 ** House Toilet Training
** Barking inappropriately
** Jumping up on people
** Pulling your arm when walking on lead
** Will not come when called
** Jumping up on furniture
** Counter surfing
** Leg mounting
** Demanding attention
** Anxiety
** Stealing items
** Digging
** Chewing furniture